Niagara Wheatfield Science

Regents Science Course

Living Environment

The study of living organisms and their interactions with the environment.
Earth ScienceThe study of the earth's components and its processes.
ChemistryThe study of matter and energy.
PhysicsThe study of matter and it's motion through spacetime in relation to energy and force.
Elective Science Course
AP BiologyA college level course of Biology (College Board AP Credit)
AP ChemistryA college level course of Chemistry (College Board AP Credit)
AP PhysicsA college level course of Physics (College Board AP Credit)
EnvironmentalThe implications of human activites in our environment
Practical ChemistryChemistry applied to everyday experience
Practical PhysicsPhysics applied to everday experience
Exercise PhysiologyThe physiological responses to excercise
Flight AviationAviation history and practices
Emergency ResponseEmergency procedures and leadership skills
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