Instructional Technology & Learning Leadership Team

Mr. Jeffery D. Hazel, Director of Instructional Technology and Learning

Mr. Timothy Carter, Principal Niagara Wheatfield High School

Mrs. Nora O’Bryan, Principal, Errick Road Elementary School

Mr. Brian Mardino, Senior Technical Consultant


This administrative team meets weekly to discuss district wide instructional technology and learning.  Agenda items are developed from teacher and staff issues that are communicated to building principals and supervisors, which are in turn reported to the administrative team above.


Erie One BOCES (E1B) / Western New York Regional Informational Center (WNYRIC)

Niagara Wheatfield Central School District participates in a number of services to support our community’s students, teachers, and staff. The following explains those services pertinent to Instructional Technology & Learning, and how to contact the personnel who provide the services as appropriate.


Data Driven Instruction & Analysis Support

Mr. Timothy Johnson, Professional Developer, Data Analysis & Support

Mrs. Mary Jo Casilio, Coordinator, Curriculum & Staff Development


Niagara Wheatfield Central School District subscribes to the E1B / WNYRIC Data Driven Instruction & Analysis Support service – providing support for district personnel in all areas of data reporting, analysis, and data driven instruction.


Conversations or questions about this service are best addressed directly to Mr. Hazel.


WNYRIC SMS Extended Support

Mr. John Steel, Technology Services


As part of this service, NWCSD receives extended support for our student management system (SMS) – eSchoolData. Members of the clerical and administrative teams contact Mr. Steel directly for internal support.


Common Set of Learning Objectives (CSLO)

Mr. David Mileham, Coordinator Research and Development of Innovative Projects

Mr. Brian Blaszak, Coordinator, Technology Services, Staff and Curriculum Development


As part of the CSLO service, NWCSD teachers benefit from high quality, higher level technology staff development directly pertinent to classroom instruction. Mr. Mileham works with Tuscarora Indian School, Colonial Village Elementary School, and Edward Town Middle School. Brian Blaszak works with Errick Road Elementary School, West Street Elementary School, and our Niagara Wheatfield High School.


Follow up conversations or questions about software concerning issues for which Mr. Mileham and Mr. Blaszak have provided training may be directed to each trainer.


Technology / Managed Services

Mr. Brian Mardino, Senior Technical Consultant

Mr. John Riccio, MicroComputer Technical Support Specialist, Monday – Wednesday

Mr. Robert LaPorte, Jr., MicroComputer Technical Support Specialist, Thursday – Friday

Ms. Kara Sykes, Help Desk Receptionist


Niagara Wheatfield Central School District is a participant in E1B / WNYRIC Managed Services. Technical support is provided remotely via the E1B / WNYRIC Service Desk, while internal technical support is provided by Mr. Mardino, Mr. Laporte, Mr. Riccio, with additional help from Ms. Kara Sykes.


WNYRIC Service Desk


As part of Managed Services, NWCSD utilizes the WNYRIC Service Desk to take the call on all technical difficulties.


Any internal employee having technical difficulties (including those on behalf of a student) should contact the E1B / WNYRIC Service Desk directly at 215-3650 x2 (in-district), 821-7171 x2 (off-campus), or They are available to take calls Monday through Friday, 7:00 to 4:30. The Service Desk routs all “tickets” to the appropriate team for resolution. Calls or emails to the service desk should include as much information as possible: Username, building, room, date and time, best way to contact, detailed issue, device id if available, and so forth.


Staff who remain waiting for resolution longer than anticipated should contact their supervisor, who will report out to Mr. Hazel. Teachers who remain waiting for resolution should inform their principal. Principals share this information with Mr. Carter or Mrs. O’Bryan – their Administrative Liaisons. These items and others form the agenda for weekly meetings between Mr. Hazel, Mr. Carter, Mrs. O’Bryan, Mr. Mardino and the E1B / WNYRIC Managed Services team.