Niagara Wheatfield CSD Staff Web-based Applications

We no longer support ClassLink as a means to log in to web services or access files on the internal server. We are investigating other approaches to achieving similar outcomes. Meanwhile, web services may continue to be logged into directly, while the best approach to file sharing between home and office really is by using cloud space - which is what we will be investigating in the months ahead.
Thank you, and don't hesitate to contact the tech office with any questions. 

eSchoolData           Settings for home computer for eSD                  

Lotus Notes      Link to Mail Meter Archive  Mail Meter Archive
 Link to STAR testing site                                         Link to Math textbook                                       Think Through Math
STAR Reading and Math testing site                       ConnecED Math Textbook
FasttMath                                                FasttMath
FASTTMath - Teacher Access                                         FASTTMath - Teacher Access
for Colonial Village, Errick Road                                     for Tuscarora
& West Street                                                                      For in-district use only
For in-district use only 
BrainPop link               BrainPop Jr Logo              PebbleGo Icon         Math Connects Link

             Castle Learning logo             Class Zone Link


Raz Kids                          Rubicon Atlas Link

                                             Use Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox when using Atlas  

               - Royalty Free Music For Schools                

eSchool Data - Student Management System

eSchool Data is an easy-to-use, web-based student management system that's comprehensive, State Compliant, local & so reliable!

Educators in the US face a challenging and increasingly complex task in achieving mandated goals for both educating students and measuring their success in doing so. While the concept of data-driven decision-making is not a new one, traditionally, educators have not had access to reliable decision-support data.
The eSchoolData system provides a robust knowledge management platform to effectively handle a school district’s information and administration requirements. The system has been designed to work with various types of school information. Whether your focus is district administration, school administration, teaching, guidance, health, or student services, eSchoolData will help you do your job more efficiently.

Lotus Notes - District Email System

Most employees of Niagara Wheatfield CSD are provided with a district email account. Our internal email system is utilized for announcements, supervisor directions, and collaboration. Email can be accessed from any school computer as well as from the Internet. Access information is provided upon employment.

Remote Server - Staff and Student access to the server from home.

The Niagara Wheatfield Central School District provides remote access to our staff and  students. District access is password protected. Staff and students receive their network userid and password from either a teacher, Library staff or Help Desk at the beginning of each school year.
Schoolwires Site Manager - Website development tool
NWCSD subscribes to a website authoring system called Schoolwires. We do not utilize Front Page or Dream Weaver for teacher authored web pages. Upon your employment with NWCSD, you are automatically provided a classroom website for your communication with parents and students. Our district goals for websites include:
  • Showcase student work, as selected by teachers, to demonstrate how our programs meet the NYS Standards.
  • Student Development of web sites as part of classroom instruction, under teacher supervision.
  • Teacher created web sites to organize the Internet for classroom instruction.
  • Information for parents and /or students.
Click on the link for Teachers and select the EdVideo Online option.
 - (Emerging Readers) supports Emerging Readers with a research toole on student's favorite animals.  Students can use from home or school.  PebbleGo features hundreds of animals, reading supports, games, and audio and video clips of animals in action. Students can have the articles read out loud, the words are highlighted as they are being read.  The material aligns well with the NYS science curriculum on animal habitats, prey, etc.


Castle Learning  (5-12) - Regents Review for home and school.

School Island offers you many features.
  • You can create your own review sessions to prepare for the NYS Regents Exams in Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.
  • You can access School Island from school, home or any location with Internet access.
  • School Island offers fully defined vocabulary, flash cards and constructive response sections.
  • School Island is interactive and will prompt you with hints, reasons and progress reports to show strengths and weaknesses.

BrainPop  , BrainPop Jr. (K-8) - Students have school access, Teachers have school and home access.

BrainPOP is only available for students K-8 to access.
BrainPOP is the leading producer of animated educational movies for grades 2-8. Each day, 2 million students watch BrainPOP movies and exchange messages with a dynamic cast of five characters who lead the user through related activities—interactive quizzes and games, comic strips and experiments. Fifteen percent of US school districts subscribe to BrainPOP and integrate it into their lessons.
BrainPOP has developed partnerships with McGraw-Hill, National Geographic, AOL@SCHOOL, Yahoo! and The Washington Post. BrainPOP has won multiple education and media awards including: The Flash Film Festival 2003 & 2001, District Administration Curriculum Award 2003 & 2002, Forbes Best of the Web 2002.

Raz-Kids (PreK-2) - for student use at home and school.

Raz-Kids is an online collection of interactive leveled books and quizzes designed to guide and motivate emergent and reluctant readers as well as improve the skills of fluent readers. The program consists of 85 online books, along with quizzes and worksheets. New books are added throughout the year. The website also features a management system for teachers to build rosters, assign books and review student reading activity.

The professionally developed books include sound, animation, and interactive features. Students can read or listen online as key words and phrases are highlighted. They can then take a comprehension quiz that gives students immediate feedback. The management system allows teachers to determine which books are available to each student and whether the student can read or listen to the books. It also helps teachers monitor students' reading progress.
Soundzabound - Royalty Free Music & Sound Effects
Soundzabound is a subscription service of royalty free music & sound effects.  The audio files can be downloaded in mp3 format for use in multimedia projects with rights for "lifetime use."  Log in to get many more selections (see Faculty Resources webpage).