• Morning Bulletin - Wednesday, May 27, 2015 - B Day
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  • There will be a Special Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, May 26 2015 at 4:45 p.m. in the High School Adult Learning Center (ALC), 2292 Saunders Settlement Road, for the purpose of appointing a Superintendent of Schools.
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  • Effective May 1st, students will no longer be able to borrow, from the school lunch program.  Any outstanding balances must be paid in full.  Thank you!
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Welcome to the High School Campus

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Welcome To Niagara Wheatfield High School
"A Great Place to Live, Work and Learn"
Timothy P. Carter - Principal Contact by Email
James Campbell - Assistant Principal Contact by Email
Paula Missana - Assistant Principal Contact by Email
"I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by 
     the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he
has had to overcome while trying to succeed".
Booker T. Washington
As the Principal of the High School it is my charge to prepare our young adults for success in life. Success in life is predicated by having certain skills and having the opportunity to use the skills learned in making decisions. At Niagara Wheatfield High School our students learn that there are 4 Pillars or cornerstones to being a successful student.
 The 4 Pillars are:
       1.   Academic Success - Doing your absolute best in school
       2.   Respect - Showing regard for yourself, peers, adults and your country
       3.   Responsibility - Knowing what is expected of you and then doing it
       4.   Empathy - Understanding one another's feelings and beliefs 


(All students should arrive 1/2 hour before the start of the exam.) 
On Tuesday, June 2, the High School will be conducting the Common Core English and Geometry exams.  Only students taking these exams are required to attend school.  All students enrolled in BOCES are required to go to BOCES.  If you are scheduled for an AM exam or AM BOCES, take your regular scheduled morning bus.  If you are scheduled for a PM exam or PM BOCES and need transportation, come to the Main Office and fill out a transportation request form.  Any questions, please call the Main Office at 215-3100.
June 2015 NYS Regents Exam Schedule
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Katie DeRose, Jacob Kujawa and Ariel Mrzygut from Niagara Wheatfield Central School District were inducted in the National Technical Honor Society October 29th at the Niagara Career and Technical Education Center.  The students have joined a very exclusive organization for students taking a career and technical education program at the high school level.  In order to be considered they have to have a 3.0 grade point average and have completed a set number of credit hours.  They also must have excellent attendance and an excellent disciplinary record.  

Miss DeRose attends the Fashion Design/Interior Decorating Program, Mr. Kujawa attends the Digital Media Program and Miss Mrzygut is in the Cosmetology Program.  They are all seniors and Principal Mr. Timothy Carter was on hand at the ceremony to extend his congratulations. 


PHOTO CAPTION: (LtoR) Katie DeRose, Jacob Kujawa, Mr. Timothy Carter and Ariel Mrzygut. 

Order Your Yearbook  
 ***Important News Regarding Yearbooks***
Yearbooks will now only be available on a limited, first come, first serve, cash only basis when they are delivered in May or June.

Where Falcons earn their wings and soar”  
NWCSD Dignity Act Complaint Form
Falcon Flyer
(Niagara Wheatfield High School Newspaper) 

If you are utilizing the walking path around Niagara Wheatfield High School / Edward Town Middle School campus during the regularly scheduled school day you must report to the Attendance Office at
either the High School or Middle School to obtain a pass before walking.
Thank you
All N.W. High School athletic events will be listed on the
N.W. Athletic Calendar Website.  Please click here for link to website:

Contact Information:

Niagara Wheatfield High School
2292 Saunders Settlement Road
Sanborn, NY 14132
Front Desk- 716-215-3100
Fax: 716-215-3125
Hours: 6:30 am - 4:00 pm 
Summer Hours: 7:00 am  - 3:00 pm
Principal:  Timothy P. Carter
Assistant Principal: James Campbell
Assistant Principal: Paula Missana
Main Office Staff:                           
Delee Croisdale 215-3100                
Dawn Greinert  215-3112                  
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Athletic Department Staff:
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Sports Hot Line 215-3116
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